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Customer Complaints

Whilst we make every effort to provide products and services which our customers will perceive to be satisfactory and of value, there may be occasions when we do not meet these expectations.

For these rare occasions we do have the following procedure for dealing with any customer complaint.

  • In the first instance the matter will be dealt with by the Claims or Servicing Officer who is directly involved.
  • If the matter is not resolved within 24hours it is then referred to a senior manager depending on the nature of the complaint – client service or claims handling.
  • The Senior Manager will then be in direct contact with you and will make every effort to resolve the issue within 5 working days. If this is not possible, the matter will then be sent for the attention of our Manager for Group Underwriting and Support Services.
  • You can make a complaint regarding any aspect of our services by phone, fax, or letter and this will initiate the above procedure. Or you can send an email directly to our Manager for Group and Underwriting and Support Services using: customercomplaints@dominioninsurance.com.fj